Village Cafe – Swakopmund

Every once in a while you come across a true gem of an eating place. This is the case with Village Cafe in Swakopmund, a quaint little eating place smack bang in the center of Swakopmund on the main road.

At first you would not expect too much, but the moment you enter, that changes. You are first greeted with a traffic light, which we later found out is used to indicate the amount of seats available. Green obviously means seating is available and Red shows “Stop, village overload. Please wait.” Wanting to the know the business hours, you will notice a sign indicating the the following : “We open when we arrive and close when we leave”.  Even though we went there for a spot of breakfast, it proved to be a very popular eating place indeed. Taking into consideration that Swakopmund has multiple restaurants, it takes more than just a normal average run of the mill restaurant to survive. Village Cafe most certainly is a cut above the rest.

From the decor that gives you the impression of walking into an authentic african village to the rustic african style music that plays. The atmosphere is great, increased by the friendly staff dancing and softly singing along to the music in the background. It did not take long for us to decide what to have to drink. Jeremy settled for a Cafe Latte and Jivika decided on the Cappuccino. With the order placed, we started the most important job – choosing what to have for breakfast.

Jeremy being a total and utter meat lover decided on the “Obelix” breakfast while Jivika had the Banana and honey pancake. At this point we expected the service to take a steep nose dive as it does with most other restaurants. The drinks always come quick, with the meal taking longer than you would like it to take. Since we were sitting in the non-smoking area, Jeremy decided this would be a good time for a smoke and headed off to the smoking area. The restaurant seems to be divided into three sections, the non-smoking area as you enter, then there’s the smoking area followed by an outside eating area.

When the food arrived in what we would term record time it looked as good as it smelled. The Obelix breakfast consisted of two sausages, both succulent and juicy, an egg, bacon, fungus (mushrooms – I don’t care for them much though), and a nice very well prepared game steak. The presentation fits well with the theme of the restaurant.

My pancakes were served in a boat-like little dish, perfectly arranged with the lightly sauteed banana’s wrapped inside 2 pancakes and a honey sauce poured over it with a touch of cinnamon sprinkled over. In another little bowl was the vanilla ice cream, which when poured over the warm pancakes melted into a cold cream. The contrast between warm and cold was divine. Of course the pancakes were wiped out in no time at all and washed down with the Cappuccino.

The overall experience we had at Village cafe can only be described as superb! We are therefore awarding Village Cafe 5 stars.

Village Cafe is located at 21 Sam Nujoma Ave, Swakopmund.

Visit their website by clicking here or you can phone them on +264 64 404 723



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